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Save the Palisades-again!

A Statement from the Palisades Parks Conservancy

LG Tower a Threat to the Palisades

Join the Fight to Save the Palisades

The beautiful and tranquil Palisades, rising straight and tall from the western shore of the Hudson River are an island of green space in the midst of a sea of concrete. Without the work of many dedicated conservationists, businesspeople, and politicians, this spectacular natural landmark would have long ago been blasted into oblivion. In 1898, with quarrying operations expanding, citizens concerned that the Palisades could be lost forever took up the cause with a vengeance, led by New Jersey women united as the Federation of NJ Women’s Clubs. Writing letters, speaking out, lobbying to every legislator in the state, and accepting any invitation to speak before interested groups, they led the charge to acquire and protect the scenic escarpment in trust for all. Their work, and that of those they inspired, was rewarded on Christmas Eve 1900, when quarrying activities along the New Jersey Palisades were stopped.

These events launched the Palisades Interstate Park Commission’s mission to preserve and restore the dramatic escarpment along the west bank of the Hudson River. In celebration of their monumental achievement, George W. Perkins, Sr. crystallized the importance of the Palisades, and the preceding twenty-year struggle to preserve them, into the single sentence above as he spoke at Alpine boat basin in 1909. Perkins, the NJ Women’s Federation, the Governors of NY & NJ, and all who joined them on that day, rejoiced in this success as they claimed the Palisades for the public to enjoy, permanently, as a monument to the Hudson River, its history, and its beauty.

Today, the very Palisades that were saved in 1900 are once again threatened. Though they are not threatened with complete destruction at the end of a fuse, the work of the men and women who rescued the “little world of almost virgin nature” is in danger of being undone. At this moment, LG Electronics is proceeding with plans to build a 143’ tower atop their corporate headquarters building - more than 4 times higher than what long-time zoning has permitted – that will break the unspoiled ridgeline and scenic integrity of the Palisades Park. If the headquarters is built according to LG’s plans, the flood gates will be opened to further high-rise development spreading north. Within a very short time, this “little world of almost virgin nature” would lose its quality, the view would be changed for the worse, and the gateway to the Hudson River, celebrated as much today as 113 years ago, would forever lose its luster.

As a caretaker of the Hudson Valley’s legacy of environmental conservation, the Palisades Parks Conservancy is vehemently opposed to the height of the planned LG corporate headquarters in Englewood Cliffs. To be clear, we do not oppose the development of the LG property in Englewood Cliffs; the jobs to be created by the project and the projected additional tax revenues are important to the area. Here’s the key fact: a structure with the same square footage but a reduced height could be built on LG’s large 27-acre tract - an equally green and fine headquarters but one that did not forever degrade the Palisades’ landmark vistas, irrevocably reducing the quality of life for all who enjoy the splendor of the Park.

Protect the Palisades, a coalition of individuals and organizations in New Jersey, New York, and across America, is working to preserve the Hudson River Palisades. Please sign the petition to encourage LG Electronics to rethink its plans for its towering office complex and urge the company to build a facility that can accommodate the same number of employees without violating the national historic and natural landmark.

“Here --- is a little world of almost virgin nature, which has been rescued for the people ---”

Please Sign the Petition to Stop LG’s Office Tower:

As the Conservancy calls for the continued preservation of the Palisades, we hope you will stand with us, and all those who came before us. We invite you to express this view with your local government and planning boards. Your voices are needed now more than ever.


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commented 2014-02-21 22:39:30 -0500 · Flag
I am not against LG to place their building on the tract of land, but there are concerns to either have them abide to a reformed construction or if not, then it should not be continued in its construction. The First reason is that the building should not be higher than any tree top of the surrounding 200 acres outside of its location. Secondly, this is a migration corridor and I have the fear that they would cover-up any bird deaths caused by large windows of the building. As far as an eye sore, the cell tower built in Tenafly-Englewood Cliffs, should never have been permitted. I see it as far as Knickerbocher Road in Tenafly.