In response to this powerful op-ed by four former NJ governors, hundreds of commenters echoed similar concerns about the threat that LG's proposed tower poses to the Palisades.





"I grew up near the Palisades and treasure the unspoiled views. Shame on LG for selfishly ignoring the environment. There is no reason the buildings can't be redesigned below tree height. Shame also on Englewood Cliffs for approving the zoning. LG should be a good corporate citizen, do the right thing, and build lower offices."   Eric, New York

"Years ago when a student I lived at International House in upper Manhattan and in the midst of a frenetic life found a pleasing walk along the river while viewing the Palisades provided restorative calm. That corporate ego should trump the obvious environmental respect described in the editorial would show there's a fundamental flaw in our way of life. A grass roots movement to persuade LG to acknowledge their selfishness and indifference might improve their reality testing. LG is not an American company, it is a Korean company. They came here for profit and now exhibit corporate hubris and a lack of respect for the people and place they have where they have found that profit. Let's hit them with the only message they can understand - a boycott of their products. We can do it."    Hugh Beebe, Oxford, Md.

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