Community Board 8 Resolution

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WHEREAS, the Palisades along the Hudson River are a National Historic Landmark and a National Natural Landmark; and

WHEREAS, no building exceeds the height of the treeline on the Palisades north of Fort Lee, which includes the area directly across the Hudson from Riverdale; and

WHEREAS, LG Electronics has requested and been granted by Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, permission to build a headquarters that would rise 143 feet, which substantially exceeds the 35-foot height limit that Englewood Cliffs and communities to the north have respected to keep buildings below the treeline; and

WHEREAS, LG Electronics’ 27-acre site will accommodate a headquarters built in a more horizontal configuration that would not exceed the treeline on the Palisades; and

WHEREAS, Wave Hill is a valued public garden and cultural center in Riverdale, visited by 144,000 people in 2012, and with an unobstructed view of the historic Palisades that would be compromised in perpetuity by the LG Electronics headquarters if built as presently proposed; as would be the case for residents with a view of the Palisades and anyone who uses Riverdale’s Hudson River parks; and

WHEREAS, this building, if built as proposed, would undoubtedly be followed by other buildings that would destroy the scenic view of the Palisades currently enjoyed from the New York side of the Hudson; and

WHEREAS, organizations including the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, Scenic Hudson, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Federation of New Jersey State Women’s Clubs, the Riverdale Nature Preservancy, and Manhattan Community Board 12 oppose the construction of the LG headquarters as presently configured;

THEREFORE, Bronx Community Board 8 joins with these organizations in urging LG Electronics to be a responsible corporate citizen and to re-configure its proposed headquarters building to respect the historic status of the Palisades as well as the magnificent natural view of the Palisades from such institutions as the Cloisters, Wave Hill, and locations in Riverdale that presently enjoy this treasured landscape; and we urge our state and federal elected officials to take appropriate action in support of this resolution.

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